Radio Ad on Radio and Internet Censorship! READ DESCRIPTION

As a congressional candidate, I, Jim Condit Jr. for congress — am running these type of one minute ads at DRIVE TIME on major AM talk stations on shows like Rush and Hannity so people hear them driving to and from work, etc. HELP US REACH MILLIONS OF PEOPLE with messages they are NOT hearing elsewhere if they are now awake yet. Please go to – where you can hear the other one minute ads near the top of the home page, and hear our archived radio shows (filmed at the big AM radio stations, uncensored) at — and please make a donation if you can.

Everything helps, but we’re hoping 300 people will donate $100 to our effort so we can saturate the airwaves in the Midwest by November 6, 2018 –, and try to stop the “deep state” from putting the Democrats in charge of congress by blatant computer fraud, by spotlighting this danger, and how to stop it.


Please CLICK HERE for the documentation page.

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