How Deep State Operates Condit for Congress Radio Show Sept 23 2018

In this radio show I cover some specific examples of how the Deep State operates, including escalating internet censorship by Facebook, Google, Twitter.

Also discussed is how the International Bankers set up Red (Communist) China as the greatest capitalistic limited corporation in history, where the Vulture Capitalists in New York and London exploit and profit on the poor slaves and near-slaves working in the factories in China. We talk about how these factories are partially owned by Deep State Operatives like Diane Feinstein and Madelyn Albreit, and a cast of thousands of internationalist bankers and their friends. These rich Banksters own these factories in Red China together with the Communist Dictators in China (now all billionaires also), while the poor Chinese people at the street level are persecuted and exploited. That’s why the USA set up and funded the Communists to take over China in 1946, and help banish the FREE Chinese under Chiang Kai Chek to Taiwan.

Also covered is the massive immigration invasion (without arms) of Eureope and the USA. And many tidbits of info along the way.

To repeat with more brevity: This radio show illustrates with examples how the Deep State Operates by several examples, Growing Internet Censorship, Red China as profit corporation for the International Bankers, Orchestrated aggressive invasion of US and Europe by third world people to make whites a minority in every country.

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