The name of our newscast is “Real News Real Action” — our slogan is “You’ve broken through all the Gatekeepers”. News. Commentary. History. Action.

Since 1979, I’ve been sounding the alarm about easily-rigged computerized elections. I am the founder of Watch the Vote USA, and we’ve twice proven election fraud, in 1996 and 2012.
I’ve never even thought of trying to get monetized by YouTube because they and Facebook object to almost everything I say.

In 2012 a man in the Netherlands uploaded one of my videos to YouTube, and a few weeks later a French Judge banned the man’s YouTube channel in 11 countries in Europe and the Mideast. This is a World War II video. It’s anti-Hitler — but they still banned it because it exposes a hidden side of World War II that nobody’s supposed to know about or think about.

Almost nowhere else are you going to hear a clear explanation of the takeover of the Vatican at the spoiled conclave of October 26, 1958 – and its continuing ramifications throughout the world.
And the full truth about perhaps the greatest false flag in world history, 9-11, which began the endless wars in the Mideast and the attempt at building the police/surveillance state here at home.

And a ton of information you will not hear anywhere else in one place. Is China Communist or Capitalist today? What is the real meaning of Communism (Commune-ism) and who is behind it? Who are the Neo-Cons and why they are today’s Trotskyite Communists — even those posing as “conservatives” like Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard and the recently deceased Charles Krauthhammer of Fox Cable News.

Proof that the owners of all 5 TV Networks in the USA, and all major media, are also Trotskyite Communists who are working to bring America down as fast as possible.

Who is behind the orchestrated, artificial, sudden third world invasion of Europe and America, with a goal of making white people a minority in every country in the world? Hint: it’s the same faction that has OPPRESSED third world people in South America, Africa, and parts of Asia with CRUSHING interest rates for decades and decades.

It is my position, and the position of Real News Real Action – that EVERY human being is a creation of the same God, and that each human soul is of infinite value to God. None of us should be too proud of what race we are — because none of us chose what race we would be. But every people and every ethnic group, and every race, should have a right to a reasonable pride in their peoples’ history traditions, and destiny. We should all work together like different parts of a great orchestra — making beautiful music together.

There are many great information reports out there, many of them on Patreon. But, for most people, you will better be able to understand this information, and read between the lines on the daily news, if you are in touch with Real News Real Action. That’s why our slogan is: “You’ve now broken through all the Gatekeepers”.

Why Trump is an “outlier” – but comes out of the establishment and is still in great danger of succumbing to the deep state. The deep state is having to drop its mask on all sides, and we’ll point that out as it is happening.

And we’ll be constantly pointing you towards sources and information you should know about. Are you aware of “The Secret of Oz” by Bill Still? The Sane Progressive? Mike Piper? The book “Final Judgement” – the final word on the JFK assassination.

But the ONLY reason you should become a Patron on Patreon of myself and Real News Real Action is so that – together – we can overthrow the Shadow Government / The Deep State with the only action plans that can make a difference – peacefully and constitutionally.

The “Precinct Project” or “Neighborhood Lighthouse Program” can replace the leaders of the major parties at the county level — and then replace the Congress, and save the country. This action can be taken by almost all Americans. We need your help to fund a full-time leader to answer the phone and help citizens all over the USA to run for precinct and make this happen.

And with this strategy at the county level, we can restore honest and transparent elections — hand-counted paper ballots counted by people in the neighborhood polling places BEFORE the ballots leave the public view – with a total banning of all electronic computer systems from the election count. This is VERY do-able. (Computers could be used to make electronic images of the paper ballots in the SECOND phase, but not in the original and official count.) This would take away the power of the deep state.

And — with the Reasonable Access Law — we can get TV and radio ads on the largest AM radio talk shows and FCC-licensed TV stations before millions of people as they drive to and from work. I’ve done it for years – going back decades – in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana areas. And, when you are a federal candidate for office, the Reasonable Access law forces the FCC-licensed stations to carry your ads without modification throughout the day, just as they would carry the ads of any regular business. No one else talks about this incredible action strategy but me. Why? — And we need your help to file several lawsuits because the radio and TV stations and parts of the FCC are illegally trying to truncate this excellent law which goes back to the 1970s.

And issuing money properly and scientifically in the technological age — this age of Plenty. Trump would go down as one of the greatest leaders in history if he implemented the Free Enterprise Dividend based on our National Credit. This is the free enterprise antidote to socialism and communism. In the era of expanding technology and computers, if we finally issue money properly and scientifically, all classes, all nations, all races, all peoples – can rise together in THIS AGE OF PLENTY.

There are NO OTHER ACTION strategies. Become a Patron on Patreon of Real News Real Action and my action team. It’s a great adventure.

Jim Condit Jr.

Jim Condit Jr. (L) with the Late Great Congressman Jim Traficant (R)